Cyber Solutions Request for Information

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Comtech Telecommunications' Cyber Intelligence Group delivers a host of cyber solutions to commercial enterprises and government agencies:

  • Computer Network Operations (CNO) Support

    Comtech TCS supports and develops every facet of Computer Network Operations (CNO). Some of our CNO offerings include: Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Information Assurance, Information Operations, Intelligence Analysis, and Program Management.

  • AoE Services

    AoE Services is an integrated, end-to-end suite of scalable security applications and services to safeguard critical business assets.

  • AoE Training

    The Art of Exploitation curriculum provides a comprehensive solution to computer network operations (CNO) training in the fields of computer Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Vulnerability Analysis, and Exploitation.

  • AoE Labs

    AoE Labs conducts security testing and validation of application and software source code

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